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Why pay attention to the body after trauma?

The recognition of the effects of traumatic events to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) has been widely recognized. Now there is awareness that the body remembers pain and can be greatly affected by showing multiple physical symptoms.

Supporting clients to recognize and regulate emotional states can make a difference in the way clients see the world and make meaning. Finding safety inside the body can be a game changer in experiencing relationships, connection to self and the world, and making decisions towards personal goals.

Somatic approach therapies can help clients reconnect with their bodies. This includes regulating work, such as supporting clients in finding flexibility in their nervous system, repairing attachments, creating safety and helping them move through the window of tolerance.

Clients will then learn to handle stressors and avoid defaulting into defensive behaviours. In addition, clients will be naturally able to access optimal energy in their bodies. They will be able to start to feel and think without being overwhelmed, feel creative, connected with others, gain perspective and even feel compassionate with themselves and others ( Linda Thai, 2019;Terrell& Kain 2018).