Our Integrative Approach to Mental Health Goes Deeper To The Root Cause

The Aurora Psychotherapy Centre supports individuals, couples and families to heal at a deeper level. We do this by not only addressing your mind and emotions but your nervous system as well. Our integrated approach to mental health combines evidence based psychotherapies with the power of advanced Neurofeedback and other specialized trauma therapies such as EMDR into the therapeutic process.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about supporting our clients and our community to heal and thrive from life’s challenges. We take pride in our unique holistic approach, based on combining the most advanced psychotherapy techniques with the latest research in Neurofeedback. Our therapeutic strengths go beyond talk-therapy by tailoring a specific approach to each client. This method considers the unique features to help clients achieve better regulation and connect with own inner resources of their brain, bodies and mind.

Aurora Psychotherapy is dedicated to work with clients experiencing anxiety, depression and C-PTSD complex cases. We specialized in using Holistic psychotherapy approach that includes Cognitive therapies, Somatic therapies and Attachment and Trauma base techniques in combination with Neurofeedback to achieve better brain and nervous system regulation.

Contact our care support co-ordinator Angela Yepson at (289) 635-2505 or CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A THERAPIST.