Neurofeedback Benefits  image
Talk therapy is the hope of many individuals struggling with mental health. After clients acquired enough awareness of self and insight of their past and they commit to engage in different practices and perspectives, they expect to complete the healing process., However, it has been proven through research that more often than not - a single approach is just not enough.

Trauma and other adverse experiences affect the brain deeply in many regions. There are many brain structures affected, neuro-networks are firing and wiring together, communicating in millions of patterns, most often by the fear-driven brain. Clients' survival mechanism of the brain creates a fear-based reality that interferes with their daily living. Talk therapy alone can not possibly access all these regions that have been settled for years in complicated patterns, or change the narrative default and rigid conditioning.

The benefits of Neurofeedback have been studied and continue to be proven, with thousands of clients improving their quality of life, while having access to a non-invasive, drug free treatment. Neurofeedback can be helpful for symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, cognitive and sensory integration, sleep problems and pain. Even clients that struggle with developmental trauma and can get access to the underlying root cause of their symptomatology, and can optimize the neuroplasticity of the brain. Supporting a better success of the psychotherapy treatment.