Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety Phobias Social Anxiety Bipolar Disorder Depression Agoraphobia

Trauma Spectrum Disorders

Developmental & Relational trauma Personality Disorders Mood Disorders & Anxiety Disorders Panic Attacks OCD Anger Management

Post Traumatic Stress

Emotional Dysregulation Relational Difficulties Negative Beliefs and Physical Stress Difficult in Attention and Cognitive Processing Reanactment and Flashbacks

Emotional Dysegulation

Borderline Personality High Risk Behaviours Perfectionism Conflict In Relationships Eating Disorders Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts Or Attempts


Lack of Motivation & Concentration Day Dreaming & Procrastination Impulsivity & Hyperactivity Increase Aggressiveness Racing Thoughts Autistic Behaviours

Stress Related Pain

Panic Attacks During Sleep Manic Sleep Behaviour Restless Leg Syndrome Bruxism Chronic Pain with Depression Migraines